"Your work is exceptional! The mantle in the mountain retreat is perfect for the mountains. I have lived in the mountains and this is what a modern home there calls for, a large pine beam. The details chosen in the historical charmer, branch pulls, are great. Did you find these or have them made? Love the blog too, love the less is more!"

− David Bradford ResInno, piano innovation & design
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How To Decorate A Beach House?

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Living close to the sea is a wonderful experience. It makes you calm and relaxed and lets you enjoy the stunning views of sea or ocean. The joy of living…


Bring Tranquility In Your Living Room With Zen Style Decor

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The idea of having a peaceful home, a place where you can fully relax, rest and indulge in a quiet moment, is incredibly appealing. So, why not decorate your living…

Design Ideas For Stylish Lounge Area

Design Ideas For Stylish Lounge Area

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It’s great to have a space in your home where you can relax, chit chat and spend quality time with your family members. Having a lounge area in your home…


How To Give A Stylish Makeover To Your Bathroom

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Designing the interiors of bathrooms is just as important as other rooms in the house.  Gone are the days when not much stress was given to bathrooms. The new era…