Kitchen Design 101

By October 19, 2011Do's and Don'ts

The first step in any well-designed kitchen is understanding the cook and how he or she uses the space. From there, the design is established by the the essential triangle: the proxemics of the sink, to the fridge, to the range/oven. The most important design element is getting all of the components space planned correctly so cooking Thanksgiving dinner isn’t a marathon for the cook.

Once the spaceplan is finished, the cabinet drawings begin.  Please, don’t get trapped into the thinking that you have to choose from what they have.  If you remember one thing about this blog, remember this, make the cabinets work the hardest for you and if you need something specific, ask for it in terms of storage configuration and door style.  Most cabinet makers can make anything you want.

80% of your kitchen is cabinetry; 100% of loving your kitchen is about the storage and organization of those cabinets.  The inerds is not the place to save. And don’t forget about the hardware.  It’s the jewelry.  Have some fun.  Funk it up.  New York Hardware is my first choice.  They let you take samples out on memo.  Check out these for inspiration…

These finger pull knobs are all the rage.  So streamlined and easy to use.  Just make sure your husband isn’t the dominant cook since his fingers probably won’t fit.



Quartz-like shapes and rock sizes…  Ready, set, go!  My mind’s on a race to design the perfect kitchen for these cool knobs.


Sherle Wagner did it again.  Imagine these on antique mirrored doors in your Art Deco kitchen.


Appliances should be a personal choice based on, again, how the cook cooks in the kitchen.  Don’t be swayed by your neighbor or what’s cool.  Who cares if you have a Viking when you could’ve bought a smart LG that actually thinks for you based on what you program into the LCD screen.  Yes, that’s right; it knows how to sear meet, then cook it while you are away at work.   The only thing my Viking ever gave me was a headache listening to it try to ignite.  Talk about Buyer’s Remorse.

Backsplash: I’m loving the 8” tile with painted drywall or wallpaper above meeting the cabinetry for an interesting texture or color splash.  Countertops are the art in the room if you use granite or marble.  If you go with the engineered stone, your kitchen is usually a little more mainstream or transitional in style.  No matter what the countertop, just under-mount your sink.  Don’t forget about the edge detail, this can drastically sway the aesthetic.

A kitchen is the most difficult room in the home to design. Feeling brave, tackle it on your own.  If you are remodeling your kitchen and want it to be a direct reflection of you, then ask for everything, including the kitchen sink!

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