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By November 10, 2011Do's and Don'ts

The holidays have a way of putting everyone in a tailspin.  I believe it is because there is a lot of undue stress and anxiety since many people will be coming into your home, and you want your home to look its best since it is a reflection of you and your family.

Interior design is not only about making your home beautiful and functional, but good design should be about making it easier on you as the inhabitant.  I have always said that your home should always look good, but should never be fussed over.

Here is a way to keep your home now and during the holidays looking its best since your mind has many other things to tend to during the holiday season.

1.  Make sure you can see your table top: 60/40 rule: Cover 40% of table with your favorite things.  Remove everything except 4 items off each surface (cocktail table, end table, counter, vanity,…)  A stack or collection of something counts as one item.

2.  Check the fill in your upholstered items.  Tired old sofa seat cushions and pillows scream that your home is in need of a little TLC.  New foam or pillow inserts are nominal and will make your upholstered items look brand new.

3.   Sand down and re-stain your dining room table top.  Each year this is just as important as changing the filter on your heater.  Since Thanksgiving is the holiday at my house, I make sure my table looks its best.

4.  Remove all silk flowers.  I am not a fan of these dust-catchers.  Why would you want your home to date back to 1987?

5.  Remove the clutter.  The less is more approach on countertops and islands is best.  If you use it, then it can stay.

6.  Spruce up sofas with a textured, nubby throw.  Nothing says cozy more than a cable-knit throw.

7.  Accessories: everything has its place.  There are items in your home that should stay in place.  If it is extra or just out of place, hide it in cupboards for your next trip to the Goodwill donation.

I’ll never forget my client telling me the story about how she moved some books and frames off of her bedside table and her husband said, “ That’s not where Lindsay placed it, put it back in its spot.”  She chuckled and placed it in its spot since she knows, “Everything has its place.”

8. Swap out all family photos with updated ones.  If family is in from out of town, they want to see what they’ve missed all year.  If they have been to your house all year, show them the extra detail you put into making your house a home.

Hopefully, with these tips, your home can have a mini-facelift for the holidays.  Don’t be a slave to your home or freak out when guests pop in.  Be ready for the unexpected guest!



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