Microwaves are all the same.

By December 15, 2011Do's and Don'ts

If you are out and about shopping for a microwave, keep the following in mind:

  1. Microwaves are considered the throw-away item in the kitchen.
  2. Don’t buy the Viking.  Mine broke just after the three-year warranty expired.  Sharp makes all Viking products so get the affordable option.
  3. Build-it in and get a trim kit.  Yes, as #1 stated it’s not in every kitchen, but at least make it look like you care about it.  Don’t just set it on the counter, c’mon.  Put a little thought into this red-headed step-child.
  4. All are hinged on the same side: on the left.  So, make sure that when you do build it in, that you are aware of which way it is opening.  Only one European company makes one hinged on the right, but see #2 above.
  5. Microwaves are all considered equal.  One is not better than the other so stick with your price point and hope it lasts for 3+ years.
Happy Shopping!   Oh, and try not to look like you cut in line, ’tis the Season for grumpy shoppers who are fist fighting people who they think are cutting in line.  Yep, that happened to me.

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