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By November 29, 2013Do's and Don'ts

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20% of people in Orange County will be hiring an interior designer within the next two years, according to Houzz‘ clientele survey Summer 2013.

This is great news, but time and time again, the consensus is that many designers are unresponsive and unprofessional.  I’m hearing this from prospective clients as well as realtors and friends searching for someone. Nautical Tradition 09

If you fall in that 20% of homeowners who will hire a designer in the next two years… here is how to hire a good designer.

  1. Do interview multiple designers.  Don’t stop until you find the right fit.  The designer will become a part of your family knowing the intimate knowledge of your life and day-to-day activities within your home.
  2. Make sure that they can draw… This will prove if they are educated in design or are just one of those who have a reseller’s license.   If they can draw either by hand or AutoCAD, then well, you are ahead of the game and will probably see your home drawn not just a mood board of pretty pictures all put together.
  3. Select the talent along with the personality.  Houzz reported that the top hiring criteria for most homeowners when hiring a designer are the designer’s reviews & recommendations online, he/she is an expert in their field and the designer has a personality the homeowner can work with.
  4. Hire an ethical individual (so sad I have to even write that one.)
  5. You get what you pay for.
  6. Once you do find one you want to hire, don’t try and negotiate the hourly fee!  A designer with the proper fee structure lives off the hourly fee so trying to scale that back, tells the designer you might not think he/she is worth it.  When hiring a lawyer, do you ask him to lower his rate?  IMG_1622

I have at least 5 new client meetings a month and if they aren’t interviewing other designers, I tell them to.  It is not a competition for the work; it is merely a way for the homeowners to be sure that they are picking the right fit for their home.  Once hired, it makes my job as the designer that much easier.

After 12 years of blood, sweat and tears honing my craft and proving myself in every avenue to surpass this negative stigma,it makes my blood boil, since well, it makes all of us good designers (yes, there are some) look bad, and it makes the good designers work that much harder to prove that it isn’t a widespread industry epidemic.  Good designers do exist.

Good luck in your search!  to view all photos of this home as pictured inn the blog… click here.

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