Yuan residence living room with changesThe economy was really a blessing and a curse; it weeded out the decorators from designers, the good from the bad and became a smaller field saturated with talent and experienced designers.  We all know that I love my job, this is my passion, yadda, yadda,… but the one standing, very real issue I have always had, is fighting the stereotypes that plague my industry.  There are so many hacks out there; people who have great taste and hang a shingle with zero business sense, reinforcing the horrible stereotype.  Here are some ways to be able to tell the good from the bad.  And, please do your part as the consumer and don’t hire decorators.  It really brings you a whole lot of pain and misery.

A decorator has great taste.  A designer has great taste and a degree.

A decorator has a resale license.  A designer has a resale license and a national license to design your home.

A decorator designs things to make things pretty.  A designer can explain why things look pretty.

A decorator is more likely to make mistakes.  A designer has been taught to not make mistakes.

A decorator is really good at shopping.  A designer shops for a living.

A decorator is almost a designer.  A designer was a decorator, once.

Nothing makes me more livid then decorators calling themselves designers.  We all swim in the same pond, have the same way of making money, but there are definitely differences. You are spending too much money to have mistakes and a bad experience.  I can’t tell you the amount of times I’m in a Living Room at a prospective clients home, trying to right the wrong of those decorators who came before me.  I can’t always wear my cape to crusade, but I do like the job security.  Be on the look-out for those decorators calling themselves designers.


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