Beautiful and well decorated decks will not just enhance the beauty of your house but will also give you and your loved ones a relaxing and restful retreat. There are many amazing ways to decorate your decks. Here are some of the best tips brought to you by Lulu Designs’ Newport Beach interior designers.

Use greenery

Grow perennials, shrubs, or small trees at one end of your deck to create an eye pleasing and relaxing area outside your house. Plant multiples of the same container or group varying sizes to perk up your exterior with color.

Experiment with different patterns

Add character to your outdoor spaces by creating different designs in the deck flooring. Not all of the boards have to run the same direction, nor do they need to be made from the same material, suggest the expert interior designers in Newport Beach.

Use Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is a great idea for decks because they are affordable, convenient and very easy to install and look after. Solar lighting also uses solar power to operate. Thus, it’s a safe, clean and renewable source of energy unlike traditional lighting that relies on electricity for power.

Place attractive furniture

Since, you are designing a relaxing space to spend some fun time with your family and friends; furniture is one of the most important things you will need. Your furniture shouldn’t just be stylish but alsocomfortable.Choose from lounge chairs, love seats, and even sofas in just about every style imaginable.

Place mats and rugs for a comfortable feel

Consider adding accessories such as outdoor rugs to dress up your deck floor. A simple mat or rug can really add a homely feel to the deck. Mats and rugs are also practical as they provide a soft cushion beneath the deck furniture and a comfortable place to rest feet.

When it comes to decorating your decks, there are many styles to experiment with; just keep in mind that decks are also affected by elements of nature.Regular maintenance is necessary to keep them looking beautiful forever. For more such tips or to give a dream makeover to your home, contact Lulu Designs’ interior designers in Laguna Beach. Lulu Designs is the preferred choice of people for all their interior design needs.

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