Expert Tips To Brighten Up Dark And Gloomy Interiors

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Expert Tips To Brighten Up Dark And Gloomy Interiors

Too many dark features in your home can make it look very dull and depressing. Bright rooms make us feel happier, more alive and vibrant. Even for your darkest rooms there is a way to bring in lighter finishes to play off of the darker ones. Read on to find out some amazing tips by Lulu Designs’ best interior designers in Newport Beach.

Do a quick assessment

Do a quick assessment of your natural light with fresh eyes; work out where your problems lie. Before you can brighten your interiors, you will need to discover what factors are creating the dark feeling.

Use mirrors
Mirrors reflect light instead of absorbing it, so they trick the eye into thinking the room is brighter and larger, depending on where they are placed. Place mirrors near a lighting source; reflected light will brighten up your space.

Bring in some natural light using solar tube

If your room has no source of natural light then look to a solar tube that bring light from your roof down into your room. These are energy efficient because they don’t use electricity and they illuminate your room with natural glowing light, suggest the best interior designers in Orange County, CA.

Choose the wall paint color wisely

In a dark room, the wall color that you choose makes a big difference in how bright the room feels. Stay away from dark or rich tones that only accentuate the lack of natural light. Instead, opt for pale shades. They’ll reflect the room’s artificial light to make the space look brighter and larger.

Remove heavy/dark curtains

Window treatments often absorb your precious natural light, giving your room a gloomy look. Removing heavy or dark curtains will instantly give your more light and transform your dark rooms.

Opt for light floorboards

While we generally enjoy having floorboards of any color beneath our feet, a lighter color can give a room a bright and happy feeling.

If you’re faced with decorating a room that feels dull and depressing, then you can surely benefit from these expert tips by Lulu Designs. Lulu Design’s expert interior designers in Laguna Beach have years of experience in creating beautiful interiors and can transform the look of any space with their skills and creativity.

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