California-Cool-26Spring is back! So we all know what that means: out with the old and in with the new. Spring is the time to refresh your home. There are a few basic factors you may consider to instantly liven up your home.

  • Accessories are a prime factor. Evaluate the space in your home and move your objet d’art around for a quick change. Look for any gaps around the house and then use easy to implement fillers such as picture frames, attractive boxes, decorative candles and books.
  • Hardback books are great items to adorn your coffee table. Your guests aren’t at your home to read so consider hardbacks that include the latest fashion trends or spectacular geographic shots. These will serve as talking points for conversation.
  • You know those photos on your computer you’ve been meaning to print? How about framing them to enhance the walls? It’s a simple and effective way to enrich the home. With frames you can mix and match and essentially anything works. Be creative and don’t pass on the opportunity to make them interesting.
  • Candles are also a wonderful way to set the mood in a room.

Yet another way to immediately enhance the look of your home is to add color. Keep with the Spirit of Spring and consider swapping out your linens and sofa pillows in order to brighten and liven up your room.


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