eps111-lindsay-master-bathroom-fixedDesigning the interiors of bathrooms is just as important as other rooms in the house.  Gone are the days when not much stress was given to bathrooms. The new era has witnessed rapid developments in the interior design industry with bathrooms and restrooms occupying more importance and significance than before. If you are planning to give your bathroom a stylish makeover, here are useful tips by Lulu Designs’ interior designers in California.


Fluorescent lights and conventional dome lights have been replaced by new and energy efficient methods of lighting. You can use vanity wall sconces and decorative pendant lights to provide a very subtle form of lighting.

Bathroom tiles

There are a large number of factors to be kept in mind while selecting bathroom tiles such as color, surface, composition, gloss and the durability. While ceramic tiles are available in many stylish variants, marble, glass and stone variations could be used to lend a classier look to your bathroom, suggest Lulu Designs’ Newport Beach interior designers.

Choosing the right bathroom accessories and vanity

  • Look into the available space so that you won’t be able to purchase items that will only crowd your bathroom. When choosing bath accessories, it’s function that matters the most.
  • If you plan to change your bathroom theme from time to time, then it would be wise if you use neutral colors and plain styles. This way, you won’t have to buy accessories whenever you intend to change your bathroom’s look.
  • The “type” of bathroom and who uses it should be primary factors in deciding on which type of bathroom vanity to choose. Multiple users (like families with children) mean a lot of traffic and wear and tear on the vanity. More delicate vanity tops and furniture-like vanities might take a beating. Durable surfaces and sturdier cabinetry might be better in these situations.

While your bathrooms are probably the smallest rooms in your new home, you can still show them some home décor love with the above tips from Lulu Designs’ interior designers in Newport Beach. You may even contact Lulu Designs for customized design solutions for your bathroom.

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