Design Ideas For Stylish Lounge AreaIt’s great to have a space in your home where you can relax, chit chat and spend quality time with your family members. Having a lounge area in your home not just looks cool but your guests will love it too. Here are some tips by Lulu Designs’ interior designers in Laguna Beach that will help you design a welcoming lounge area in your home.

Keep your personal style in mind

Your lounge can be whatever you want it to be, so don’t feel you have to create a swanky space for your guests if that’s not your style. If there is a particular theme you want to focus upon, keep that in mind when designing the lounge area.

Make it cozy and inviting

The most important function of a lounge area is to make you relax. Making sure the space is warm, comfortable and inviting is absolutely key. To achieve that cozy inviting feeling, adorn your lounge with the comforts of home in the form of comfy furniture, rugs, pillows, and throws. Of course, a fireplace never hurts either!

Make clever use of lighting

Lighting the lounge is a fun way to set the ambiance and glam up the space. Have fun with it! Hang a single statement making chandelier over the entire space or multiple small chandeliers as a runner over the long coffee table. Dress up a side table or other accent table with a beautiful lamp or two and your lounge area will be ready to impress your guests.


Accessories like planter pots and throw pillows will add some personality to your lounge area. You can opt for vintage finds or old recycled stuff from the attic, garage, or basement, suggest Lulu Designs’ Orange County interior designers.


Having a variety of seating options -sofas, chairs, loveseats, etc will allow your family members or guests to choose their preferred seating arrangement for maximum personal comfort.

When it comes to designing lounge area, there are many styles and accessories you can experiment with. To find the perfect solution for your lounge design needs contact Lulu Designs-the best company for interior design in Laguna Beach.

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