turq-thumbSelecting the perfect area rug is really like selecting the perfect piece of art. It is totally emotional.  Oh, and it should feel good underfoot. I always take my shoes off in showrooms, and give it the Foot Test.  Tip: Men’s feet are more sensitive than women’s so make sure to never put a natural rug where a man would most likely be barefoot.  You’ll never hear the end of it.

Pick something decorative in a Dining Room and more subtle in the living spaces. Keep in mind the area you are in.  Natural rugs are forgiving and very user-friendly.  Plush rugs don’t have much design to them, but are very comfortable.  No matter what you do, the rug should not take center stage, but should compliment the furniture.
Here are the basics in terms of sizes:
Family Room or Living Room – 8 x 10 or 9 x 12
Yes, all feet of your furniture should sit on it if there are walkways on 2 or four sides of the room.   You can cheat this if the walls are L-shaped.  Then, just the front legs of a sofa should sit on it.
Dining Room – 8 x 10
A table and 6 chairs can fit on this size.  If the room can take a bigger rug, great! But, be careful, you don’t want the rug to swallow the room.
Bedroom – An 8 x 10 can sit under the bed and is cozy to stand on in bare feet. If an 8×10 is too large for the space,  a 5 x 7 0r 6 x 9 are fine!
Obviously, your room might be smaller, skinnier, wider, misshapen, etc. but these are just rules of thumb.  Any other space should be measured for a more custom fit. There should be 12″- 18” of hard surface bordering the walls in any space.  Measure twice, buy once!
Now, you are on your way to getting the perfect rug for any room!

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