Interior Designer In Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach is famous for its wonderful Mediterranean climate. Over the years, the city has emerged as one of the most sophisticated beach towns of the United States. The add-on to its natural beauty is the elegance of the city’s architectural style. Newport Beach has structures which not only have a beautiful architecture but also have a splendid interior design.

As an interior designer in Newport Beach, Lulu Designs is a full service interior design firm in Newport Beach, CA that specializes in creating compelling, practical and original interior design for informed clients who care deeply about the spaces where they live, work, learn and play. We strive to deliver our clients with unique interior that matches and enhances the style and grace of Newport Beach. From the past many years, Lulu Designs has been providing interior design services in Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and all most all of California to multiple clients. Our diverse high-end interior design portfolio includes work from across Newport Beach residential homes, office interiors and commercial spaces. We offer high-end designing for residential as well as commercial clients. We ensure that our clients are involved at every stage of our work and all our interior designs are a collaborative process.

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